Can anyone clarify the decreasing section?

The pattern is straight forward until you get to the decreasing. Do I do the k2tog on row 1 or row 2? It seems like it should be done on row 1 of the pattern. Also is it k2tog at the beginning of the row, then finish the rest of the row in k1, p1? Then keep following the pattern with row 2 (k row) then start over with row 1 (starting with a k2tog) again?

I may be making this out to be a lot harder than it really is, but at this point I’ve looked at it so long I’m throwing in the towel…

Thanks for any help!

Cute hat! Thanks for posting the link, that helps a lot when we can see the pattern.

Usually decreasing (or increasing) is done on the front side unless they tell you otherwise so if row 1 is the front (outside of hat) then decrease on that side.