Can anybody help me find this pattern

I saw a pattern I’d like to make, but can’t find it anywhere! It’s a simple pullover with short sleeves and a vee neck. It’s done in a kind of entrelac pattern that forms diamonds, but it’s all one color - an off white, tannish, oatmeal color.

I have some cotton sport weight yarn in a beautiful shade of orchid and would like to find a simple pattern of stunning stitches to make.

I appreciate any help and ideas.

I was able to find a turtle neck sweater done in entrelac from Vogue Knitting winter 91/92, but no V neck. Is it actually done in entrelac or is it possibly just a diamond pattern that looks like it? Do you remember where you saw it?

It sounds similar to this diamond patch sweater.

Jints, that’s almost it, but not quite - same color and pretty much the same shape. Cool pattern - I just might make that if I can’t find what I’m looking for.

Jan, I saw it online somewhere, but darned if I can remember. I’ve searched and searched - looked at pullovers, short sleeve pullovers, diamond - I’m fresh out of ideas as to where else to look! I’ve never actually done entrelac, but the top was all stockinette diamonds with diamonds worked out of the sides of other diamonds so the stockinette stitches of some diamonds were at right angles to other diamonds. The V neck was formed by the sides of the diamonds, so there was a diamond right at the center of the bottom of the V. Geez, I hope this makes sense. It really did look to me like entrelac knitting without the colors I usually see.

I reallly do appreciate the help. Don’t ask me why I didn’t just save the pattern when I saw it - I knew I liked it!