Can anybody explain these instructions in english?


I’m trying to knit a pair of baby booties, and I have absolutely no idea what the pattern wants me to do next. Hopefully someone will have some advice for me. First it says to knit the strap and cut the yarn and place the piece on a stitch holder, which I’ve done. Next it explains how to knit the top of the bootie, and to cut the yarn, which I’ve done. Now, here’s where I lose them completely:

With right side of work facing rejoin yarn at right side of shoe top and pick up and knit 9 stitches up the right side, knit the 9 stitches across the top and pick up and knit 23 stitsches down left side, then seed sticth across the 23 stitches left on stitch holder, making sure button hole is to the left of the needle.

WHAT? Please, help me!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Are these done on 2 needles?

I’m trying to picture them and having a hard time. Is there a link to the pattern or a photo of them to give me a visual?