Can a round cloth be made with magic loop


I am making coasters and want to make them round. The first one I tried gave me a tube, maybe needles too small???

Anyway, any suggestions? Can these be made magic loop style?

I would think that you could modify this tutorial for magic loop:

What do you think?

Here’s an example of a pattern for an ~circular coaster that is knit on dpns. It could be adapted for magic loop. The trick is in the increases so that you don’t wind up knitting a tube.

That’s what the problem was before, having the right amount of increases/decreases on circular. UGH.

I dont see a cast on number here. I have tried to adapt dpns to ML and difficult to do with some patterns.

SORRY!!! I see the cast ons.

It says cast on 6 stitches.

If you knit a tube before then it wasn’t your method it was onthe increases. Were you following a pattern? If you were and other people have done it correctly you must have made a few errors.

No not on a pattern, I was just trying to make a round flat circle. But now I see I need to follow a pattern.


The thing I get hung up on is when they say turn the needle and do such and such. I will try to find a round pattern that I can adapt to circular.


If you are using any method of knitting in the round you don’t have to turn unless it’s specific to the pattern like short rows. So if you are knitting in the round from a flat pattern you do have to change the pattern… For example if it says purl on the back you’d knit that row. Personally I just find a pattern that is made the way I want to begin with. :lol:

NO it’s in the pattern. To turn the needle in the middle of the row. it’s confusing on circs

If it’s the spiral coaster linked to earlier I don’t see where it says to turn.

I think she must be doing the one Antares posted.

It’s meant to be done flat for a few rows then put on DPN (or done with another circular method.) If you intend to use magic loop I would put markers between the stitches that would normally be on the DPN. Then ot will be easy to know where you are.

I started on this one. Once I get to the 21st row what do I do??

great idea, i will do that.

The spiral one is confusing. What happens after 21 rows…AND it says to cast 6, 2 on each need, but use 5 dpns. that would be 10

You need to give more info. I’m not even sure what pattern you’re doing so I can’t help on part of your question.

I can say…10 what? DPN? It doesn’t mean that, but tell us what pattern we can help more.

So sorry. I found a pattern link, I pasted it below. I think the problem is the increases if I try to do magic loop. Please let me know what you think. Thank you for patience!

There is no row 21. And it says a set of 5 needles is better…how does that make 10? 5 needles would be 4 holding stitches and one to work them. I thought you wanted magic loop??

Just to clarify on the spiral pattern, it calls for [I]size[/I] 5 dpns. After row 21 you work one row of plain knit and then bind off using the size 8 dpns.