Can a 24 inch circ hold up to 200 sts?

Can it hold up to 200 stitches without getting all tight?

i think it depends on the yarn weight. what yarn are you using?
see this chart here. this tells you the minimum number of stitches you need on a given circular needle to knit in the round. HTH

Thanks for the website :slight_smile:

The pattern I’m making is a vest (the gauge is 18 sts = 4 iches), which is supposed to be knitted on straights but I’m going to knit it in the round on circs. Since I’ve never knitted in the round before, I was thinking about the length of the circ. The website said that I could get four times as many stitches on the needle, so perhaps a 24 inch is okay.

It really depends on the yarn. A 24’’ needle can hold up to 1000 stitches in laceweight, loosely worked. In a bulky weight, it can hold about 120 stitches, but with your gauge, I’d likely go up to a 32" needle.

i think at that gauge (18 sts=4") a 24 would be ok. maybe a little tight.