Campfire socks question

Good morning! Just have a question. I’m looking for a patter to knit some socks for my DB and found this one. After reading it, I can’t figure out what they mean by W&T. Guess the “T” is for turn since it is at the heel… but “W”?? They do not have abbreviations. Can someone help, i know it probably is a stupid question,:oops: but still…
Thank you!:mrgreen:

W&T stands for “wrap and turn.” The wrap part consists of slipping a stitch and wrapping your yarn around the stitch and then working the rest of the row. It’s used in shaping heels in socks and also in adding shaping to sweaters.

Amy has a video here – scroll down to “Short Row with Wrap”

There’s also a great explanation of using the W&T method for short row shaping here.

OMG!! can’t believe i missed that one! :doh:Thank you! Probably it was too early in the morning… hehehe:mrgreen: