Camo Hat for Luke

Hello Everyone ,

A little while ago The lovely Sue in Canada sent me a skein of Bernat camo yarn so that i could make a hat for my son Luke who is into all this Army related at the moment .
So here it is :slight_smile:
Thank you Sue for thinking of Luke :hug:

[SIZE=6][COLOR=red]Merry Christmas & Happy New Year :muah: [/COLOR][/SIZE]

Looks great Rita, cute pic. He is a good looking boy. I hope he likes it.

Thanks Sue , He loves it and he actually wore it today when we went to town.:slight_smile:

Fabulous! Looks like you made a little boy very happy! :slight_smile:

He is very happy and very much looking forward to Christmas . Thank you Wanda:)

Very cute kid you have there! Oh that hat is nice, too!:teehee:

What an adorable son in his great camo hat!!!

What a cutie and he looks like he loves his hat…great job:thumbsup:

LOL I have a very red faced 8 yr old :slight_smile:

Very cute! I knit camo hats for my nephews and they love them! Boys and their camo!

Wow, now that’s the perfect hat for your little army guy. Great knitting, too!

Nice picture of your son in his new hat. Good job!

That is a Great Hat! I just got some of this yarn today for my little guy. Did you use a specific pattern? That is a very cute boy hat!


Thanks Jodie :slight_smile:
It is a great yarn to knit with . I did not use a pattern . My son is 8 . I just cast on enough to fit his head lol .:slight_smile:
Show us a pic when you are done:)

Looks great! what a cutie patootie.

hat hat looks great and Luke is such a cute kid! :slight_smile: