Camo booties and hat

Sorry I dont have time to shrink the image. Please visit the blog.


Awwww they came out so cute! Love that bootie pattern! What magazine is it from?

Thanks for all your technical camera help Jan!

This is awlful! I cant find the magazine! I think its the Fall/Winter 2006 Knit It! It is the girl bootie, and I think (again sorry for being so inexact) its a feature from the new natural baby book. I am so embarrassed. I’ll post for sure details once I find that magazine. :slight_smile:

Very cute!

Is that the magazine with the girl with the orange and blue scarf and hat on the cover? If so, I have that one! :happydance:

As soon as I found that pattern I just creased the magazine and have not looked at the cover since. GM would you please take a look through it and see if that is it. The booties they have pictured are done in a light olive green I believe with some white embroidered flowers. I still have not found it, sigh. But I havent been looking real hard either. My theory on finding things is “do what your supposed to be doing and it will find you.”

Yup, it is that one, on page 56! :thumbsup:

Awww! They’re so cute!! :cheering:

Oh Thank you GM! You are a sweetie! Ok its official it is in Fall/Winter 2005 Knit It! on page 56!

Gm, did you see the little girl pink sweater? Isn’t it adorable!

Very cute!