Cameo Shell Stitch Shawl plus

Today I CO the main project my wonderful swapper sent to me. I am knitting with Caron Simply Soft in a vibrant red colour. I wanted to bring in the New Year knitting something for myself for a change (not a scarf LOL). I am pleased with the colour of this yarn and with the texture of the knitting so far. This is going to be a nice drapey shawl and it will be lovely and soft. (Updates and pics to follow as I go along.)

Also, I had those Christmas crackers this year (you know the ones with the stupid looking hat and the toy and a joke inside fancy foil that when you pull it open makes a popping noise). In a few of them there were these clear plastic clips that open enough for a few sheets of paper. I took one of these and glued it to the wall beside my little laptop table(where I sit to do most of my knitting) and now I have my pattern (in a protective plastic sleeve supplied by my swapper) hanging from the hook. It is at the right height so I can easily read it. I even used the hot glue gun to attach it, so it will come off fairly easily if it has to.

I am ready to start the New Year!!!

[B]North, South, East and West; may all your tomorrows be the very best! Happy 2008![/B]

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Can’t wait to see pics of the shawl, it sounds lovely! What a nice piece of luck to get those clips in your crackers! :slight_smile:

BTW, did you finish the scarves? I’ve been gone a week or so, I may have missed an update… I hope your daughter was more appreciative than was expected!

your variant jf this shawl! The original one (I remember) was in light pink color Which color is yours?

Abbily: I finished two of the three scarves and need a break from them for a week, so I am doing my shawl. My DD seemed to like them, but who can tell with her?

Yes, I was lucky to get those clips, and luckier still that the people that got them gave them to me, or left them behind when they went home that night. It makes it so much easier just looking sideways to see the pattern. I thought it was pretty darned clever to put the pattern on the wall at eye level where I could see it as I was ummm knitting… chatting… checking out the posts… knitting… chatting… checking out the posts, etc.

Lima: I got a beautiful vibrant red colour from my swapper, who knows what I like!!! It is going to be gorgeous (I hope)!