Came home empty handed

After months of saving and went this morning to withdraw the cash I had saved to splurge on yarn at a fiber festival…I’ve been having dreams of baby alpaca for mitten, hat & scarf set, merino superwash sock yarn, some lovely angora/alpaca for a ear warmer…drove with my MIL and came home with NOTHING, no purty yummy yarn to pet :noway:

There was lots of lovely felting wool - but it was very rough, not something I would want to wear. The other yarns were not in colors that said - wear me, love me. There were lots of pastels and purples which I don’t gravitate towards. Plus, this year there was more mass produced yarns rather than the locally grown yarns that have been there in years past.

:pout: I’m so sad, no hubby and no new yarn …

I’m so sorry. :hug: :pout: Things will look up! :slight_smile: