Cambridge is cruel!

Ok, this has nothing to do with knitting, but since it’s under the heading “off topic” I don’t think it’s that much of a crime.
Anyhow, early in june I took the cambridge certificate in andvanced english, mainly because I thought it’d be fun and because after one finnishes all the english of the upper secondary my school offers to pay half of it! Well I came back rather early in july to see that there was a letter saying I could go on a site and check my test-results the 3’d of august. Since then there has been a cruel nervous wait, did I fail?? Or if I didn’t, did I get an a,b or c…
Yesterday I could hardly sleep knowing that tomorrow would be the day. And today my inner-alarm woke me up early and I ran to the pc without drinking coffee or eating breakfast, and what do I find?? It won’t be available before 10, uk time… ofcourse they could be nice and mean 10 pm, but they could also mean 10 am! So from this highgrade torture I conclude that Cambridge is really some ring of soft-core sadists who loves to torture anxious students…

Good luck!!! I remember the pain of waiting for my GRE results (grad school). hope you did great!

Well I guess the preassure of people wanting to know their results crashed the server… it took me two hrs to get in. Turns out I got an A… spent the rest of the day trying to convince my mom that it really was an achievement, even though I usually get good grades.


We had the same wait here, this summer. My DD took two AP classes, US Government and English Literature. The results weren’t released for over two months. She was very nervous, but she got 4’s on both. She was very excited. Her university gave her college credit for the AP classes.:happydance:

congrats on the scores. sorry about the wait. :frowning: