Calormitery - with pics

I wasn’t able to edit my previous post to add the pictures, but here we go!

[B]Original post:[/B] Today I decided I wanted to start and finish a project, so I decided on Calormitery! I just used some yarn in my stash (some old acrylic) and voila! Thanks to Auburn Chick for her notes in the post of her Calormitry. I too cast on only 92 stiches and it fits just right!

:yay:Great job! I love the color

Looks great ! I agree with Dustina . The colour is lovely :slight_smile:

Hey, I just commented on the other thread, I didn’t realize this was the same person. Your Calorimetry is beautiful! I love your yarn. Midnight blue was my favorite crayon in the box when I was a girl. :slight_smile: This looks like midnight blue with stars. I love the button. Just right for the starry sky.

Very cute – I love the button you chose. Nice work.

Oh wow! I LOVE the color!!! Looks great! I’m glad my suggestions helped too!


it looks great!