Calorimetry - Need Help

I’m making this Calorimetry from Knitty…But there just seems to be WAY too many rows! About 50, and it’s getting HUGE, way bigger than the picture.

Has anyone else made this? I already frogged it once thinking I misread or mis-knitted :oo:

Help! This was SUPPOSED to be a quick stash buster, but it’s using up a whole skein! Sheesh!

I just looked at the pattern and got something like 41 rows… If i’m not mistaken. Maybe you yarn is bulkier than required:??? HTH

People that made it found it was way too big as written. Try a CO with about 88-96 sts and when it gets to half the width (length?) you want, start the other half of the pattern, picking up the short rows.

Thanks I’ll try that. I’m going to go ahead and finish it as is and measure and then frog!!!

Well, it starts with 5 rows, and tells you to repeat the 5th one 15 times, then 17 more, so I guess you’re right, I was going from memory (something I should have learned NOT to do a LONG time ago!:shock:) and I made a mistake.

I did make a swatch before hand and made sure the yarn was the right weight. I’m just using Red Heart Supersaver in Bay Print. It’s variegated shades of blue to beige. Very cool.

To make it not so wide, only repeat that 15th row about 10-12 times, then you’d do about the same number of the other rows.