Calorimetry help please

[I][FONT=Century Gothic]This has been on my to-do list for a while now, I want to make it for my daughter in college to go along with the washcloths I made. And since college is starting soon I thought I should try it again.

[I]This is where it confuddles my brain, I read through this spot 4 or 5 times trying to understand it to no avail.

[I]First the row marker was 6 stitches in and now it is 11 stitches in, is this right? I keep seeing where it is knit in a couple of hours and for some reason it is taking me day or weeks to do this?

[I]“Row 4[/I]: Sl 1, work 3 sts, place second marker, work to next marker, turn work.
[I]Row 5[/I]: Remove marker, sl 1, work 3 sts, replace marker, work to next marker, turn work.”

Yes, you keep moving the marker. It’s to mark where you end a short row and on successive rows it’s going to be further in from the edge. Sometimes it’s easier to understand a pattern by doing it - they can be hard to visualize until you have the yarn and needles in your hands.

Thank you! I had a feeling that I was overthinking it and making it worse than what it was.

Off to finish it…