Calorimetry and a dish/wash cloth

I finally have pictures of some projects I’ve done! I don’t have a camera so I always have to wait until my BF remembers to bring his camera over - plus I haven’t done much knitting over the summer unfortunately.

So - there are 2 pics of my 1st try at calorimetry. It wound up a bit big so I sewed on 2 buttons rather than 1. There is one pic of a dish.wash cloth I made for my mom. I made her a couple more this week, but they haven’t been photographed and I have to get them in the mail. Oh well :slight_smile:

Oooohh La La! Just love the caliometry and the color, too!
Very nice indeed!

The dishcloth is a mini artwork! I love making them myself,too…I just wish they stayed nice looking after I put 'em thru the wringer! I’m too hard on them I guess! :teehee:

Very nice! Great idea to add an extra button.

Great job on both!!

nice, I like the color too

I have been wanting to make a calorimetry I love the color of the yarn you used it looks great

Thanks guys! The Calorimetry was super easy. I finished it in a day (although it took a week for me to get motivated to add the buttons :rofl: ) I’m going to make another one soon, but I think i will take the advice I’ve seen on Ravelry and only cast on 100 stitches.

I can’t take credit for the 2 button idea since I saw that on Ravelry too, but I am happy I got the chance to use both those buttons. I love them and I was looking for the right piece to add them too. I figured this piece looked Autumny enough :slight_smile:

I love making dishcloths. I’m officially addicted to them :roflhard:

I love your caliometry and the yarn you used too …perfect for autumn:)

:yay: Great job!!

Very nice calorimetry! The patterning turned out cool and the colors are very much for fall. Nice use for your pretty buttons.

GREAT job! I love the calorimetry. It’s such a fun, easy pattern!

Great job! :cheering: I really like your calorimetry! I hadn’t seen that pattern before.

I couldn’t tell if you already found the pattern, but I thought I’d post it just in case:

I dunno if you’re on Ravelry, but there are a lot of tips on how to make it fit a little better on that site. The next time I do one I will be casting on 100 stitches rather than 120 for sure :slight_smile:

Its a really fun pattern!

Great job on both. :slight_smile:

I love the color. Wanna share the yarn name?

Wow…I wouldn’t be using that as a dishcloth! I think I would frame it. Very beautiful!
What is the cali thing??? for the head? I am a little slow these days.

I used the yarn that the pattern suggested for the calorimetry. Filatura Di Crosa 127 in Limey yellow.

I used Lily Sugar n’Cream for the dishcloth :slight_smile:

Awww! Thank you :aww:

The calorimetry is a head wrap. You can find the pattern here:


Sorry to be so ignorant, but I have never heard of the word calorimetri. What do you use it for? I cannot tell from the pictures if it is something like a wrist warmer, or a neck warmer thing or what! Love the colours and the button suits “it” very well, JUST WHAT IS IT???

Well calorimetry is actually a scientific term having to do with measuring heat so even looking up the word wouldn’t help you tell what it has to do with what I made :slight_smile: In this case though its just the name the designer gave to the pattern. You can find it on Its a headwrap :slight_smile: Its a very fun pattern.

Aha! I looked up the word in the Dictionary when I got home, but only got calorie and calorific type words, had figured it was something to do with warmth. I was talking to my sister in Auckland last night and telling her about it, she says to find out what it is, get the pattern and perhaps we can start a trend here in New Zealand! Only problem, we are at the beginning of summer.