Calorimetry Adjustments - 8 yo Girl

I just finished a Calorimetry for myself. :woot:

Now my daughter wants one (in the same yarn). Being still new to knitting and just getting so patterns make sense as written, I’m not sure how to adjust it for her 19" (around where the calorimetry would be) head.

Could anyone give me an estimate of how many stitches I should cast on for her and how many repeats of the short rows to get a decent looking one that won’t overwhelm her head?

TIA! :slight_smile:


I saw one on Ravelry that some one had made for her daughter who is young,she looks about 7 or 8. She cast on 88 stitches and did 8 repeats. I made one for my sil who has a very small adult head with 100 stitches so I think 88 would be pretty good for a child’s size.