Calling on Knitting Friends...Help!

I am wanting to start my third project now and I am trying to pick increasingly more difficult patterns each time, so I learn something new with each project. BTW, I will soon post a pic of my second project, the Heart Sachet, which is almost done. The pattern I have chosen for my next project is this one:

I always read through the pattern first to make sure I have everything I need and also to make sure I can do it all. The Stitch Glossary I pretty much understand (this will be my first attempt at cables), the Note part I understand, but what I am not getting is the first row of the pattern and the description under Bag Back that says, “Keeping 1 st at each side in St st, work remaining sts in Pat St in until 29 rows have been completed.” What does “Keeping 1 st at each side in St st” mean? Also, the part of the first row that I don’t understand is that it says to cast on 126 sts in the Bag Back section, but when I count the first row of stitches I count up only 93. Can anyone help me with my misunderstandings?


You’ll have a selvedge stitch at each edge. Regardless of what the rest of the pattern is, knit these edge stitches on the right side and purl them on the wrong side.

I think the pattern is wrong for the count, too.

If you cast on 126 for the bag, and have an edge stitch at each end for the selvedge, that’s 124 pattern stitches.

To get that you’d have to repeat the pattern 4 times.

1 selv. + (31 x 4 = 124) + 1 selv. = 126

Ingrid, you answer almost all the questions posted on this forum!! :slight_smile: I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it. I think I get it now. I will knit on right side and purl on wrong side the first and last stitch of each row. That makes sense. And, now looking at the pattern, you are right it says to repeat 3 times more for a total of 4 repeats * to * making it what you posted for a total of 126 stitches. -Ve

3 years later, so I’m pretty excited it was answered here!