Calling all yarn detectives! Arg!

Arg!!! I only bought one skein. Now I need two. I didn’t keep the label (mistake number one) or the receipt (number two) or any record of the maker or name of this confetti yarn. (number three, four, five, six, etc.)

i thought i got it at a.c. moore, but there was none to be found there today and the department worker said she’d never seen it before!

if you want to help this stupidest of knitters, have a look at this photo and see if you can identify the yarn! thank you!

do you at least remember where you purchased? If you do, you could take it, and try and match…:slight_smile: but there WILL be someone here to tell you make, brand, and model!!! lol…

I was poking around and found this. It looks pretty comprehensive, you might want to browse around.

Click HERE and then click “view shade card”.

found it, found it!!! much to my surprise, it was Red Heart’s Tiki! Thanks, everybody!