Calling all USAers

My father bought and sent me a woolly jumper from the States. Anyway, I don’t like it and I will never wear it, so I want to know what store he got it from so may be I can change it. The tag says JILLIAN JONES. What store sells that brand?

Thanks for your help.


If you go into yahoo or google and type in this clothing line, you get multiple hits so you might be able to find a store that way.

Don’t want to ask your Dad where he got it from, huh? What’s the yarn like? Maybe you could recycle it. :shrug:

Thanks girls,

Couldn’t find it on the search engines and NO it’s not to be recycled! :grrr: The truth is that I wouldn’t have the heart - it has fancy lace work and anyway I don’t like the colour or the yarn.