Calling All Teachers.. friends please help me

Hi everyone I need to interview at least four different education teachers about their views on Inclusion via pm. This is for a college assignment my professor wants us to do and it is due this Fridayeep if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it;) If you are interested please pm me the answers to the questions below
My teacher is very detailed which can be quite a pain in the butt sometimes but he is such a nice, caring teacher and you can tell he truly loves his job and just wants us to be informed about the issues revolving around Education.
Thank You so much!

Can you please answer the following questions for me(PM the answers):
What is your name(First Name at least)?
Where do you live?
What school do you work for?
What Grade do you teach?
Are you a special ed teacher or regular ed teacher?
How long have you been teaching?
What are your personal views on inclusion?(Please be as detailed as possible about this one, give examples to justify what you mean if you can)

[B]Ps. To those that volunteer to help me…as a token of my appreciation I will make a small knitting surprise for you;)[/B]

Auburnchick if you see this I would love to interview you;)

Education major + Pennsylvania => SRU?

Well, my DW is a EC teacher who earned her degree at Slippery Rock. I will share your request with her this evening and see if she has some time for an interview.


It’s late Friday, so I don’t know if you still need answers to those questions - if you do, let me know and I will pm you.