Calling all sock makers

Why do I keep getting a hole on each side of each sock? :?? I am getting so frustrated with this. I am posting a picture the ribbing of the sock is to the right of the picture and the heel is at the left. Please Help!!! Sorry with the picture it’s hard to tell the hole from the white stitches the hole is just under the first stitch on the needle.

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What size needle are you using? Looks bigger than what i usually use for a sock.

Sometimes if your not making certain your stitches are tight on your decrease rounds you can end up with holes along the seam…any chance of it being that??

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It’s now uncommon to get holes at the junction between instep & gusset. I increase a st between these 2 areas & that usually corrects it. Have a look at this blog, this may help.

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thats a great idea, never thougth of that!~

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There’s a WEALTH of information on blogs!