Calling all sock knitters

What do you do with the little bits of yarn left? I thought of making striped socks, but how would you know how much yarn to leave for the other sock so they are the same? It seems like such a waste not to do anything with it. :smiley:

So far, I’ve done nothing with my leftovers, I’m thinking about doing toddler socks for my granddaughter :smiley:

I’m only on my 2nd pair of socks, so I’m no expert, but I’d roll my leftovers into 2 balls the same size so I’d have equal amounts for each one.

Maybe with left over sock yarn you could make hacky sacks? :thinking:



Oooh, that’s so cool Jenelle!

Here’s a more recent picture of her progress!

That’s one of the neatest projects for leftover sock yarn I’ve seen! Thanks for sharing.

Now if it wasn’t for all that seaming…that would be an awesome project!

If you work toe up, you can keep knitting until you run out of yarn :slight_smile: Definitely my favorite way.

Not sure if she is still accepting them, but
was collecting leftover bits of yarn for a charity project.

I just finished my first ever socks :cheering: last night. I was wondering what I was going to do with leftovers and I love that idea. Thanks so much for sharing it.

I LOVE the blanket idea. Way cool!

You could also use leftover sock yarn to make doll clothes for Barbie-size dolls. You could make a striped top or skirt or dress very easily.

So far, nearly all the socks I’ve made have been from two separate balls, so my leftovers have been roughly the same amount per colour. When I made socks for my kids, I used the leftovers for heels and toes on another pair. I haven’t actually FINISHED enough pairs to have a vast amount of leftovers, so I guess I’ll have to find a project then!

I made a pair of baby socks from my leftover Opal- and still have enough left to make at least one more pair! For a gift, I’d want them to match, but if I am making socks for my kids, they like them mismatched! :smiley:

I don’t know yet. I havn’t finished my first sock yet. I think I would save all the leftover and once I get enough of them, I’ll knit a pair of “rainbow” socks :XX:

Your patchwork blanket is an awesome idea! I wonder how that idea would work for other leftover yarns? The end result could be a nice keepsake of projects past. I suppose that having different weights of yarn could be a problem… :thinking:

I was just thinking…maybe the squares could be modular squares (that look like a log cabin quilt square) so that you could add on by picking up stitches…I just read an article in I think it was Knit It and thought that I would like to try it…using the left over sock yarn might be cool…though it will be hard to bet the project you have started.

I think picking up sts along is the way I would go.

One hint I got from a sock knitter was to keep a tube on needles and add an inch or so of new sock yarn when you start a new pair. This way you can check gauge (you can change needles for the new yarn) and you end up with a useful tube (future sock or ?) that has a bit of all your prior socks.

Leftover sock yarn bits: I tend to make little pins for folks - either micro socks or micro mittens. I knit them on 0’s or smaller, depending on the weight of the yarn. The socknitters’ forum on Yahoo used to have a pattern on file, but a google search will yield usable patterns if you don’t want to adapt your favorite sock pattern for itty bitty knitty.

I have a friend who is a nurse in the Neonatal ICU unit at the local hospital and she’s always talking about how handmade hats are always so much nicer for the babies instead of the generic hospital issued ones - so I’m just making tiny baby hates for her to take up - especially for winter time with all the wool yarns I have.

That’s a great idea! Damn I might have to make more socks.

There’s a pattern for socks that uses up leftover yarn…see it at

In addition to that pattern I use my leftover for toes, heels and a stripe at the top of the cuff.