Calling All North East Ohio Knitters

soo i’m sorta new to knitting and i would like some friends… i live in marshallville and i’m looking for people in the wooster, medina, doylestown, barberton, norton, and akron area… yeah… :frog:

no one loves me?!

I live in Cleveland. Would you mind visting me? LOL

I live in the Canton area. I just moved back to NE OH from Upstate SC in May. I grew up in SE OH and have spent most of my adult life in Stark/Summit County. I don’t know of any groups in your area but I attend one in N Canton and one in Cuyahoga Falls. Look up a group at I am not sure if that is the web address but you can find it in google.

I’m in Mayfield Heights (10 minutes outside of Cleveland).

Hi I live in Wooster!! :knitting:

Here are some local groups. Click on the link below:

I’m in Massillon (& started a thread with the exact same title - how’s THAT for NE Ohio minds thinking alike???) and used to live in Dalton. I know *exactly where you are. :slight_smile: