Calling all Mass Knitters!

Hello from the North Shore of MA!! Any other MA knitters out there?

I started knitting about a year ago and oh my gosh, I am ADDICTED! I’m constantly knitting and when I’m not I’m thinking about when I can get back to it. I just joined the KH forum, but have been a frequent visitor to this site for instruction. I’m not sure if the creator of the site visits these postings, but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for a phenomenal and educational website that amazingly is free and as good or better than any knitting class I’ve been to!

I’m going to try attach a picture of a recently finished project, a felted tote bag that I absolutely love!! I’m currently working on The Manly Sweater (for my hubby) from the Stitch n’ Bitch book. I highly recommend this book for all beginners. Between that and this website, I was up and knitting in no time! I have the back and one sleeve done and hoping to get it complete before the warm weather hits.

Happy Knitting!!

Ok, I didn’t see the Boston Knitter’s posting a little further down. Just wanted to add this disclaimer now that I have… Go MASS!! :muah:

Michelle, Boston seems soooo far away. Anyway, I noticed you’re in Groveland. I’m in Haverhill. I, too, use this site quite a bit but never registered for the forum. I don’t really have time to post. A friend in Bradford needed help with something so I came here; then decided to take another look around. This site is incredible! I’m so very thankful it’s available.
Well, just wanted to say hi to a neighbor. Are you part of a knitting group?

Hey Sharon,

Good to hear from you! I love this site too. I come back to it often to watch the videos when I’m about to do a technique I’ve never done before. I’m almost done with the Manly Sweater and I’m so excited. The arms are too long though so I’m trying to figure out if I can unravel the sleeves from the cast on edge and pick up stitches and then bind off at the right length. Have you ever done that before? I go to the Knit-A-Bit group that meets at the Groveland Library every Monday night from 6:30 to 8:00. It’s small and the people are really nice. Feel free to join us some Monday night! Do you go to any or know of any in the Haverhill area? I’m a knitting addict…I freely admit it. After the manly sweater, I’m goint to start a fitted cardigan for myself (the manly sweater is for my hubby). I’m also working on a twisty scarf that is really cool. Like I said…I’m an addict!

Thanks for the shout out and hope to see you around!