Calling all "Martha Poncho" knitters

I know that there are some out there that knitted the “Martha Poncho”, and I was wondering if you might comment on which pattern you used, what your finished result was like, and what kind of yarn you used.

I’m very bummed out. :verysad: I just did a little swatch of the main body of the poncho of the Bernat pattern to see if I could figure out the general stitch pattern, and as it turns out, I was able to do that part. :cheering: It looked pretty okay, considering I wasn’t using the right yarn or needles to gauge (it was just a practice shot to see if I could even do it, and also, how I would like the result; I figured if I didn’t like the result, I wouldn’t go forward with the whole poncho).

But then I got to the scalloped edging, and I guess somewhere in the translation from the crochet pattern to the knitting pattern, the scallop edging is really no more than just that–just a garter stitch scalloped edge…no laciness. The intracies that shows for the crocheted scalloped edging is gone. For me, a big part of the look of this poncho is the scalloped edging. I don’t know if the detail of the difference between the ponchos will show up in my posted pics, but I posted them because…well…maybe I’m making a big deal about this?

Is this one of those that once it’s all done, it will look great? Am I being too picky? Again, how did all of yours turn out?

Love your tagline. :teehee: Pleased to meetcha, I’m the mean sister, too.

Last October, my sister gave me some Homespun in our mother’s presence. Mom announced, “oh, good. You can make me my Martha poncho.” I said, “sure, I’ll make it for you.”

pffffft. :gah:

I hate that cursed thing. I was never so happy to get something out of my house as I was when I shipped that to Mom for Christmas. The yarn gathers as you knit with it. The scalloped edge was nearly twice as long as the bottom edge of the poncho was wide and was, therefore, difficult to attach. I looked askance at the scallops as I stitched them, just as you did. The whole thing was not what I expected. Yeah, I used the Bernat knit pattern, too.

I made the larger size and my sister reported that it was enormous on Mom. She ended up having to adjust the neckline just this week.

It’s ugly. It’s ungainly. And I don’t want to talk about it ever again. :-x

:rofl: Thanks for giving me an opportunity to vent about it.

Poor zip! I’m sorry to bring up a sore subject :oops: --now you’ll be going to bed having nightmares about knitting the Bernat “Martha Poncho”! :rofl: I’m glad and thankful you shared your experience. This would be the first garment-type item I’d be knitting, so I figured I’d try to find out as much as I could before delving in; that would help me to decide whether or not to press ahead with the project. I’m a real scaredy-cat about venturing into the world of semi-shaped/shaped garments! :rofl: (something other than a hat or a shawl, basically!)

I did my swatches using some Homespun I had laying around the house, and I’m not very impressed with how it looked, but again, perhaps it was because I was using too big of a needle (I wasn’t doing an actual swatch for size as much as I was for trying out the technique). I don’t think I’d use the “Galaxy” yarn because it has mohair in it and I can’t wear mohair…it’s way too itchy on me (although I think it lends a very cool look to the poncho).

I really appreciate your response. It may save me some headaches.

:roflhard: Well, somebody has to take charge and get things in order, don’t they???

I don’t know if this will be helpful, but there is a shawl in [color=darkblue]weekend knitting[/color] that has a border you knit at a smaller gauge/with a finer yarn than the shawl, and I didn’t make it after all because I ran out of time before xmas, but I experimented and it was very very pretty and you could probably attach it to anything… but it is much shorter than that edging.

After I made the poncho, I went back to a scarf and an afghan, both of which I still need to finish. :oops: Then I ventured into an EZ baby surprise jacket and am I ever glad I did. I was seriously doubting my skills after that poncho. If I can follow a shaping pattern, so can you! :wink:

another thought is that you CAN crochet the border…I’ve done that before where the edge just needs a little “finish”, since it looks like the body of the poncho is the same(ish)…you can just finish it with the edging you like.

It IS VERY PRETTY!!! I have this book at home, and ironically, I was just looking at the edging, thinking the same thing. But I didn’t understand the instructions. :oops:

Heather, I thought about crocheting the scalloped edge, but I’m not so sure I’m up for the challenge. My crocheting skills are currently limited to chain stitch and single crochet; trying to learn something new at this point might be too much for me. There’s a really great crochet site that has on line video tutorials like KH has, but I’m afraid that I’d have to watch a video every time there was a new technique, and that border would never get finished, it would take me so long! :teehee: But you know, maybe I can do it? I should just give it a try. Honestly, I’m thinking this poncho is one of those things that would look better completely crocheted; something seems to be lost with the stitching in the translation to knitting. I should learn how to crochet and just do it, although I just can’t seem to get that yarn in the left hand/tension thing. My tension with English knitting and the yarn in the right hand is very even and consistent (which I’m thankful for!), but I just can’t seem to translate to the left hand. It’s like a mental roadblock. I guess it depends on how bad I really want this poncho! :teehee: (maybe not as bad as I thought!)

Take the plunge!!! :slight_smile:

I don’t crochet, but when I “need” too, I have my handy dandy book with me, and follow what it says every step of the way. :slight_smile:

Like I tell my kids…

You CAN do hard things!!! :slight_smile: