Calling all knitting brainiacs! I need help

Hi all,

I’m having trouble getting my head around the following instruction:

[I]Shape Neck: Next row - WS - Cast off 3 sts, p until 6 sts on needle, slip these 6 sts to holder, purl to end.[/I] Image from pattern below.

The problem I have is how can I purl to end when the last 6 sts are on a holder. What exactly am I knitting (purling to end)?

Would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

When I read it that was my question.

We need more info. What are you making? What is the name of the pattern? Do you have a link? Don’t post the whole pattern just the info. Always post as much info as you can because there are thousands of patterns and each one is a little different.

Hi Jan, Thanks for your help. I have attached the parts of the pattern as the original pattern came in the form of an online library magazine with the whole pattern not available on the web page. I have taken out any identifying details. Please excuse my computer skills I was not able to develop a URL.

Cast off 3sts, you’ll have one stitch on the right needle left over from the cast off. Purl the next 5sts which gives you 6sts on the right needle. Slip [I]those[/I] sts from the right needle to a holder or scrap yarn. Then you can purl the remaining sts which are sitting on the left needle.

They could’ve worded it better and said “purl until 6 sts are on the Righthand needle”. That would’ve cleared it up!!!


Thanks knitcindy. I couldn’t agree more!! I have been knitting a while now and I got stumped on this one.

Thanks so much salmonmac for your instructions. Your description makes much more sense:)