Calling all cooks--I need help

I am making a cake for our football coaches. I have canned frosting and I need it to be stiffer to decorate the cake. Any suggestions? I have shortening and cream of tartar in my pantry.

actually, I was thinking you might want to whip in a little more powdered sugar… ?

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Do you need it to stay stiffer, or just be stiffer while you are decorating? Refrigerating it will harden it a bit, but of course it won’t stay that way once the cake is returned to room temp.

If I remember my chemistry correctly a little bit of cream of tartar whipped into the icing should result in a stiffer, faster drying icing.

I agree about adding the powdered sugar.
The other thing I would suggest, is refrigerating the cake for a while. Brush the crumbs off and frost with a really thin coat of frosting and refrigerate again. This is called a crumb coat and will seal the cake and make a nicer finish.

Thanks! to all.:hug: