Calling all Christians!

Remnant publications is collecting used Bibles to send to Africa. Their goal is to collect 4 million by December 31, 2007. (they are accepting monetary donations as well). Visit for more information. (click “video appeal”)

Christians in Africa are literally straving for God’s Word. They will spend 4 days without food to save enough money to buy a Bible. What would you sacrifice?

Every $2 you give will buy one Bible, and every Bible will be shared with at least 20 people through Bible studies and other means. This means that if you give $20, you are giving 10 Bibles and witnessing to 200 people.

My family has already started collecting Bibles. All we’ve done so far is collected the extras lying around the house, and bought about 4 or 5 for $0.25 at the thrift store. I plan to collect much more, but I’m not quite sure how right now, I’ll have to pray about it.

I’m really exited about this project and I how you are, too.

[SIZE=6]What would you sacrifice?[/SIZE]

ETA: here is the address to send the Bibles:

Bibles for Africa
649 East Chicago Road
Coldwater, MI 49036

you can also enter your zip code at the website to see if there are any Bible Drop Off locations in your area.

So you can actually send Bibles? I didn’t take an in-depth look at the site, but I am intrigued. My daughter just bought a new Bible, so this would be a great way to recycle her old one.

yes you can send them to this address:

Bibles for Africa
649 East Chicago Road
Coldwater, MI 49036

also, as i was searching for the address on the website, i noticed that you also have the option to bring them to "Bible Drop of Location"s, but there were none in my zip code:shrug:

Ahhhh…now I see…


Wow that is so cool! Thanks for the information!

no prob :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot for the info! I have a few sitting around the house unused that I used to hand out to the youth when they entered my class at church, but since i can’t teach anymore I still have them, so they will go to a very good cause! And, our youth group just returned from a very wonderful camp (odd, my baby who used to love going to youth retreats was a leader this year!) would probably love to get involoved, I’ll email our youth leader now! Thanks so much!
WOW, often I don’t realize just how blessed i am!! We are a very blessed nation/nations that are able to be online on this forum, knitting, having freedoms to do so many, many things that billions of others can’t even fathom! Makes ya think…

Thank you so much for what you’ve done in the youth ministry.:hug:

Another thing that gets me fired up about this project is that these people are dying young of HIV AIDS and going to Christless graves. It makes me want to cry!

I go to a huuge church, and I really want to get them involved, but i don’t know who to talk to about it (there are soo many ppl there). but anyway, you can get bulletin inserts from them, and they have newspaper ads also (if you are willing to pay for them yourself)

Cool. I think I have a few I could donate.

Thanks for the link. This is a great way to give truth and hope.

OMG! I have so many bibles but, I must admit, I’m emotionally attached to each one! Yikers! Once I get moved and unpacked, maybe I’ll take a deep breath and release some of them.

Thanks for the post!


more info: you are responsible for shipping the Bibles you collect. so if you collect a large quantity of Bible to ship, used “Media Mall rates” when you send them. (that pretty much means you get bulk shipping prices)

ohh! i just remembered to also mention that i plan on giving the DVD appeal to my principal (who also happens to be a pastor). maybe he’ll get his church, or our school., or BOTH involved!



YAY!! I don’t have but a couple to part with, but I’d like to ask the church secretary in our church to post the site --I KNOW a lot of our members have extras, and we could get enough together to send it by media shipping. It’s hard to think that there are so few people in Africa with the Word to comfort them, isn’t it?? It makes me know I’m not reading mine ENOUGH!!:cry:

the great thing about this project is, not only will it spread the truth to others, but it makes us realize how unappreciated the Bible is in out own homes.