Calla Tank

Hi all,

I am thinking I will be starting to knit from and was wondering if anyone wanted to do a knit along? I am using Butterfly Super 10 (within my price range) and am using 3 skiens.

I have already cast on and worked the 8 foundation rows of ribbing before the actual pattern starts. I am planning to continue with the rest May 1 (or shortly there after, depending on the time it takes to finish the scarf I am working on for my monthers b-day).

Is anyone intersted? This would be a fun project for more than one person.

I’m interested!! :slight_smile: I was seriously considering the Design Your Own Tank KAL, but now I’m not so sure, since I’m basically trying to find stitch patterns that resemble Calla. It’s probably easier just to knit Calla. :thinking:

Yay!! I am so glad to have someone else doing this with me. I know there are a lot of people doing the tank design KAL, but I figured that maybe there might be 1 or 2 people interested in or already doing Calla that it would be a good idea to do a small KAL.

I wanted to do the design your own tank too since that sounds uber cool, but I had already set my mind on doing the Calla tank and bought the supplies for it.

I plan on starting as close to the beginning of May as possible. I just have to finish my mom’s scarf first.

I am so glad to have someone else working on this with me!!

I am willing to join in too!! And I think I will use the Butterfly cotton, or I think I may have some other stuff I got on sale. We will see.

I have seen this patterns before and have wanted to try it. I have always been about substance in my knitting…none of this stocking stitch numbness!!!


Edited to add that starting at the beginning of may is perfect cause I need to finish a few projects too!!

That is a really cute pattern!!!

Beginning of May works for me, too, since I don’t have any yarn yet and I have a couple projects to finish up, too.
Guess this means I get to SHOP! :wink:

I want to make this for my sister sometime soon. I am thinking christmas present. That way she can wear it next summer. :wink:

If I didn’t have the baby pouch from Roo I’d knit this :rollseyes: … I think its so pretty but don’t think I could pull it off just yet but I’m working on it :happydance: …

Thats why I am thinking of knitting it for the sister :roflhard:

darn pooch :rollseyes: :wink: :roflhard:

Just an update for those who are KAL with me. I have finished the scarf that I was working on and have cast on, done the first few rows of ribbing that the pattern calls for and am now working on the body of the tank. I have frogged it back to the ribbing 4 times now because I keep screwing up the charts, but I think that I have the hang of it now. I think that because the charts are on different pages its tough to get into the rythm. I have since taped the charts onto the same page along with the stitch key so I don’t make any more mistakes, LOL.

As well, just a small hint, I figured out that you have to purl the yo stitches on the WS.

Can’t wait for everyone else to start too!

Great job, ladyindica! :cheering:

I purchased Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton for this project over the weekend since it was on sale (sadly one of my LYS going out of business). However, since it is a different guage I’ve been attempting to swatch. I’m using the larger chart for the swatch sample, but I keep messing it up. I’m hoping to make some headway today.

Good idea about putting the charts on one single page together. I can see how it would be difficult to read. I’m having a difficult enough time flipping between the large chart and the written instructions on the first page.

I’m also attempting to convert this into knitting in the round, but since it’s my first conversion I’m not feeling to confident.

Ohhh… in the round. I wish I had thought of knitting it in the round… I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

I am still working on a baby sweater for my working family ( I am their nanny) and their fourth child. So, I figure by next week I should have nothing else on the needles (and my friends will be really happy that I am knitting something for myself!!)

Great. Nice to have someone else KAL with us. Welcome aboard Katy!


Please let me know about your attempts to knit in the round! I would love to try too!



Knitting in the round hasn’t been too bad, so far, but I’ve only gotten to the first charted row (which I have to unknit entirely because I somehow got off 2 stitches).

Here have been my challenges:

Doing the math and remembering that the instructions need to be repeated twice. This is rather obvious, but a little challenging since the ribbing isn’t purely K2P2. I added a stitch marker to differentiate the front & back.

Remembering to only look at the chart every other row! I really struggled with this while swatching. I’m tempted to rewrite the chart to include the rows stitched in pattern because I keep forgetting.

I had to take out my first charted row because I forgot that it has to be a 360 degree wrap for the YO, P2tog - but that would happen anyway even if it weren’t in the round. I am using stitch markers around the patterned areas to hopefully keep me on track, but since I haven’t gotten past the first row yet, I don’t know how much it will help. :rollseyes:

HTH, Katy. Good luck!! Can’t wait to see everyone’s finished Callas.

Hey Calla KALs,
The person who designed Calla is in my SnB group. I noticed she has new pattern information about Calla on her blog: See April 26th entry. :slight_smile:

I am thinking more and more about making the back in plain stockinette stitch. DO you think that it would work if I followed the pattern and just did straight stockinette? Would the tension be off??

Thanks for the update, Jackie!

ladyinca, I’ve thought about the back being stockinette, too. Would make it a little easier knit. Don’t know about the tension though. You might try e-mailing the designer.

Well folks, I STILL have that baby sweater to finish, so no new projects yet. Maybe in a few days…plus I am waiting for you folks to decide whether knitting the back in st st is ok!!! Boy, am I lazy!!lol