Calla FO

Calla is finally finished! Woohoo! See pics below. Details are here. :wink:

Wow that’s beautiful! I haven’t gotten that brave yet!


Very, very nice! Love the color too!

Just gorgeous! It looks great on you!

That looks great! :heart: :heart:

Gorgeous! Looks great on you :thumbsup:

Wow!! I love that–all that cabling and pretty color–looks good on you!

That is just beautiful! :inlove:

That’s beautiful! and most importantly it looks GREAT on you!

smuggled raisins :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Looks gaaaawgeous :thumbsup:

Hee hee! I wondered if anyone would know what I was referring to! :mrgreen:

:thumbsup: Very nice … You did a great job!!

I love it. It’s beautiful! Great Job!!