Call me crazy... Sock pattern help

Okay I am working on this pattern (yes Dutina I have been keeping a secret from you…lol)

And I am to the gusset and this doesn’t make any sense to me (to be fair I am doing them on two circs but even still it doesn’t make sense)
Okay at this point the heel flap is on one needle and is turned. I have 10 stitches on this needle. I am to the point of setting it up to pick up for the gusset.
Set up: [B]With free needle, knit first five heel stitches[/B]; this will now be [B]N1[/B] again. (by my estimation this puts me in the middle of the heel flap so how can I do the next instruction?)
[B]With the same needle (N1) pick up and knit 9 stitches along side of heel.[/B] When you reach the instep stitches, pick up one more stitch from the row below the first instep stitch (this will help prevent a hole where the heel joins the instep). Now you have 15 stitches on [B]N1[/B].

I am right aren’t I? this can’t be right can it? :??

:noway:what? ok first I have to wrap my head around you knitting socks…then I’ll look at the pattern :thud:

Ok the pattern is for dpns…so that is why they want you to do that… some patterns will go ahead and have you split up the heel sts then pick up guessets…
[B]With free needle, knit first five heel stitches[/B]; this will now be [B]N1[/B] again.

that is what this is doing…creating that first dpn as needle 1…since you are on two circs you just skip that part and go to picking up your gussets…usually I skip that part on dpns till I pick up the 2nd gusset…then I split the heel sts…:thumbsup:

Yeah thanks, i figured it out as I looked at it further. I can do the same thing by knitting across that row, picking up and all on the way around, and then doing the split. That’s usually what I do with the baby socks. See if I had read it all again I could have kept my secret…lol :teehee:

:fingerwag: it was meant for your secret to come out…keeping me in the dark…when I’ve tried [I]FOREVER[/I] to get you to join me in sock knitting…:verysad:


lol yes but you see how thick the yarn is that I am using right?

AND you know where I always quit… well here we are… let’s see what happens…lol

:rofl: I just noticed the yarn…it’s still an adult sock and that yarn has to be super duper soft so a bonus to knitting the sock…

just keep thinking when I’m done, I get to wear this Misti Alpaca on my foot…nice and cozy :happydance:

[SIZE=1]did you notice the boyds in one of her patterns? I have the one with the hat…[/SIZE]

lol I did notice… Boyds from back when Boyds was still awesome! :wink: