Call me a horrible person...<rant>

I am just seething and sick inside. I just read a news story where 2 teenage girls set a kitten on fire. Someone heard them laughing while the cat was sheriking in pain. And these kids are up for charges of animal cruelty. No way. Not near enough. People say its “just an animal”. Well 100% of all serial killers began torturing animals. I say life in prison at the least. Death penalty. I’m sorry. When it comes to torturing the ones without a voice, animals, the disabled, children, the elderly I do not think there should be a chance. Especially not when you take pleasure in the harming of others. Things like this make me lose my faith in humanity.

The hardest part for me is that they took pleasure in hurting this poor creature. The cat is still alive. Its being treated by a Animal Hospital. Who could do such a thing. I’m sorry. I don’t even think these people deserve to be called human beings and they should not have any privilages as such.

People in the community are complaining that this is getting more attention than the slaying of a teenager in the same area. What don’t they understand? ANY lost of innocence is still a loss. Any loss of life is still a loss. The circumstances are both tragic.

This just makes me so sad. And everyone in the office is looking at me funny because I am sitting at my desk crying over a cat.

You are NOT a horrible person! :muah::hug::muah::hug:

You are absolutely right! Cruelty to animals is generally ALWAYS the first visible sign of sociopathic/pyschopathic behavior. It’s VERY scary to see this treated so casually!

Please, Please, try to let us know how the cat is faring! :pray:


Here is the story-it includes a pic of the cat.

I feel horrible saying these girls should get the death penalty. I feel that way because it would be horrible for thier parents and the rest of their family. But thats the only reason.

It is because we who live in this community (as I do) are appalled that this cat (and don’t get me wrong, I am a cat owner!) is getting more news coverage on a day-to-day basis than the dozens of rapes, murders, and infractions against HUMAN BEINGS.

It is not tit-for-tat and one cannot compare apples to oranges, but we who live in the Bay Area are simply aghast at mis-guided passions. To me, it is akin to the PETA people spending all their time and energy against the production of foie gras, a product consumed by the minority where mere hundreds of ducks “suffer” yet they ignore the tens of thousands of chickens being abused in production of Foster Farms products.

It is simply a matter of perspective and what is more important to each individual.

I am so shocked and disheartened to read that. :pout: I’m also angry. It makes you wonder what their parents are like.

This is not a misguided passion. And I think folks who think this is getting too much coverage are missing the point.

Two CHILDREN tortured and maimed a DEFENSELESS , innocent creature. These children are clearly sick and yes, they should shout this story to the rooftops.

A poor kitten today, maybe someon’s child tomorrow.

Look at the big picture.

[COLOR=black]I think you’re right they should at least get a VERY large prison sentence. The fact that they seemed to get enjoyment from hurting an innocent life shows that they obviously are sick people. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Did you hear about the NFL player Michael Vick who was fighting pit bulls? Apparently if they (him and whoever was doing it with him) didn’t feel that the dog was up to their standards they would electrocute it, drown it, or do a number of other horrible things to kill it. Here’s a link to story on CNN for more details. Sometimes I just can’t imagine how people could be so cruel.[/COLOR]

where are the parents?

I don’t think you’re a horrible person, but I think the death penalty is way too harsh. But I think the girls AND their parents should all be punished. There’s NO way a 15 year old girl could do that if she had proper parents who taught their kids right from wrong. :!!!::!!!::!!!:

I am so disgusted that their parents probably will not get reprimanded. WTF is wrong with people??

It sounds like they all (parents included) need counseling (in addition to time in juvey).

My point is that there are far more important things in the world in which one can direct their energies. There are atrocities such as Darfur and female genital mutilation and this little thing about a war in the Middle East which is taking how many American lives? That so much time and energy is being expended on this issue is mind-boggling.

You just can’t hold someone’s parents criminally liable for the acts of their children.

They aren’t civilly liable either.

That’s just the law. I do also believe strongly in the belief that people are responsible for their own actions.

These parents might be liable for negligent supervision of their children if they knew of the child’s violent tendencies and did not guard against it.

The children should be punished, but it isn’t the parents’ fault necessarily. Some children are going to do this kind of thing regardless of their parents.

I have no words for what happened to that poor cat. My heart just breaks, and makes me hug my babies closer… and all the more determined to adopt another…

but recently in my city there were 2 very awful stories close together. One of a cat being shot in the face with a pellet gun, (he’s fine and adopted to a loving home now) and another of a puppy having his ears sawed off. (His name is now A.K and he lives very happy with his new owner too)

The dog story was the last straw. It really struck a cord withe evryone. Even people who say “it’s just an animal” were saying stuff about it. Because the man was still allowed to KEEP his animal, according to current laws. (He, thankfully, relinquished his rights, tho he says he did not do it, he got the dog from someone, and his ears had already been cut) But it made them think about the laws, and now they are talking about changing them. They know the laws need to be stronger, and much more efficient. If you cut your kids ears off, you wouldn’t see that kid ever again. Why should you get to take the puppy home?

And like you said, studies show murders start by harming animals, and the laws make it too easy for them to get started.


All right, they need life in prison. That’s all. No special jail privelages, no nothing! Who could do a thing like that, to a poor kitten? When I saw the pic I cried. Just plain cried.

I watch the news both local and CNN and I hardly thing there is a shortage of news about the middle east. Maybe less on Darfur, but those topics will be in the forefront for a long time, the kitty story will die in a few days or weeks. :shrug:

No animal should be miss treated!!! I think that because they are animals some people think they diserve<–sp? less rights than humans. Thats a bunch of BS especially since a lot of people think of their pets as “family” their “babies” “loved ones”. If those same girls had set a baby or small child or just any human being on fire thats it JAIL FOR LIFE…DEATH PENALTY.

Actually, in California parents can be held civilly responsible for their childrens criminal actions. Additionally, under the truancy laws in California the parents can be held criminally liable for their child’s failure to attend school. A minor’s parents can be criminally charged with a misdemeanor, and placed in the county jail.

Parents are held equally responsible for their minor childs Court fines and fees, and their restitution. The Courts will go after the parents if they do not pay. They are also responsible to pay the cost of juvenile hall time and group home expense (if their minor child is sent to one). Now the Court will also convert a minor’s fines/fees and restution into a civil judgement if it has not been paid in full by their 18th birthday, and will go after the child’s (now adult’s) wages and tax refunds.

I think that this is horrible, and disgusting, but living in the Bay Area you read/see/deal with daily 3+ murders a night. Teenagers killing one another, gang raping one another, random shooting, strangelings, a teen girl who slit the throat of an elderly woman as she was walking in a botanical garden, etc. The San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area is violence filled. It is terrible when you can’t leave your home after a certian time at night because of the violence.

While I am an animal lover, owner, advocate, it gets often time frustrating when this is on the news day in and day out, and the constant shooting, stabbings, rapes, etc. are reported as “ho hum, that’s the norm folks”. The mayor of S.F. says “we’ve got a handle on the violence” and there are three fatal shootings in S.F. that day.

I can’t tell you how many friends I have lost to shooting, or stabbings etc. over the years. Living in the Bay is a constant struggle between high culture and the living dead.

These girls are demented and deranged, they have some SERIOUS problems and need HELP. But there are so many damaged minors out there, that see this violence every day! I’ve seen I don’t know how many people shot, beaten half to death. Not because I put myself into those situations, but because of where I live. I’ve dodged bullets myself, because I was in the wrong place and the wrong time. I think that is where the frustration comes from. On New Year’s eve, we could NEVER go out of the house because of people shooting guns in the air. Growing up, I don’t think I knew one kid who didn’t carry a gun for protection.

When you live in a place like that with constant violence, and a lack of respect for life, it’s hard to see this being the huge issue that it is. When you stop crying when your friends die, and your first reaction is to shrug your shoulders and say “that sucks”. Then go on with your life, there are more important things.

Not that this shouldn’t be a story, or reported on, it should. But it should also be reported nationally, that our kids are killing our kids, our murder rate never goes down, and toddlers know how to duck when bullets start wizzing by.

I respectfully disagree with you.

Here’s what a quick google search helped me find from [B][COLOR=Blue]this[/COLOR][/B] site:

[B][COLOR=Blue]“Currently, all 50 states have laws holding parents civilly liable for their children’s crimes. Illinois’ Parental Responsibility Law, which was passed in 1969, holds each parent liable for up to $2,500 for “willful and malicious acts” committed by their children, such as property damage and theft. The law also requires parents to supervise their children to prevent them from hurting others.”

[COLOR=Black]I think that parents should be held responsible, in some way, for their children’s actions. In the state of Florida, parents are responsible for their children’s driving habits until the child is 21. I found that out recently when my daughter got her permit. We have the right to revoke their suspend their driving privileges by writing a letter to the state of Florida explaining that we choose not to sponsor our child.

I should have been more clear. What I meant to say was that parents are not generally liable under the common law for their children’s torts. Mass holds parents civilly liable for their childrens’ intentional torts up to 5k based on statutory liability (and that is based on my memory from studying this past week, if it’s wrong, please tell me). That’s it however.

I was trying to be quick and I didn’t state that these are the general rules with the limited exceptions for low amounts. In many of these instances, what the news doesn’t tell you, is that the parent is being held liable for negligent supervision of the child leading to the commission of the tort, in essence, they are liable not for the child’s acts, but for their failure to supervise. That’s where they can really get the parent, and I think that’s the right way. I don’t think parents should be generally liable on their children’s torts, but should be liable if they were not supervising their child properly. Its’ not the parents’ fault if they are doing what they should and the child decides to do something wrong like this anyways.

The CA criminal statute is not the norm, as far as I know, for the criminal liability side of things. That’s pretty interesting, from a legal standpoint.