Call for Submissions, New Publication, Summer 2013 - knit & crochet

[B]Submission Themes[/B]: We’re a new publication looking to introduce a knitwear and crochet collection. Look for New, Innovative, Young, Fresh, looks – fashion forward, for age range 18-35 ish. It’ll be a new look – so anything you feel is a bit too ‘out there’ for traditional publications would be welcomed here! It will be a range of womenswear and accessories, looking for 10-12 designs all together, a mix of crochet and kitting (one craft per design).

Theme is Lazy Days & Hazy Nights

Designs should be accessible for intermediate, and advanced beginners.

Please email for mood board (not sure how to attach a pic!)

[B]Deadline[/B]: Monday 14th January 2013

[B]Compensation/Support[/B]: Yarn support is provided (DK or fingering weight in colours on mood board). Designs will be paid for, compensation will be worked out based on your preferences on publishing rights – it will be a single fee paid by paypal or bank transfer

[B]Submission Requirements[/B]: Please send a sketch of design, with swatch(es), with a detailed description of garment & fit, along with inspiration/story (if applicable), and any modification ideas you may have. Please use only the colours shown in the mood board, plus white – for swatches please use any DK or fingering weight in similar colours. Submissions are welcome from the UK and overseas, and you may submit as many designs as you wish. Don’t forget to include contact details!

[B]Send to:[/B] Chloe:
Brief Description:[/B] Design will be sold online, through website, and in retail outlets – please email for further informations

[B]Other Info:[/B] Designers will be notified by 21st Jan. Yarn is being dyed to order so there may be a delay in sending it out – designers will be given 6 weeks from postage date to complete sample. Samples will be help by the company for 12 months and then returned to the designer.

Please also email if you would like to be added to our mailing list for future collections, or if you have any childrens clothing ideas which may fit the brief.

All Forum Members:

Please be aware that this “call” for knitters to submit their original designs has not been vetted by Knitting Help. We don’t know who this person is, nor do we know if you will have a good experience with this person(s) if you decide to submit your original designs to them.

So proceed with caution. We don’t want any of our Knitting Help members to have a bad experience.

I’d have nothing to submit but I wondered about this when I read it. It’s nice to know you all are aware and looking out for us. Thank you. :thumbsup:


Sorry, I did a quick search on where other calls have been posted and this forum came up - hope it’s ok for me to post :slight_smile:

I have lots more details and references available which I am more than happy to pass on to those who might be interested

Chlloe xx

This post had a lot of red flags, so I completely skipped it. I would’ve asked questions and said something, but I guessed it was just spam. :shrug: