Call for Recipes

In my day job, I publish a quilting magazine. Quilting used to be my hobby :slight_smile: then it became my business, so I had to get another hobby - KNITTING!!! :slight_smile: Anyway, I hope I’m not out of line posting this here. You don’t have to be a quilter to contribute a recipe, recipes from any and all are welcome.
This is the formal announcement…

We are putting together an eCookbook – it will be available for download and some will be available on CD for those who want it that way. We’ll be selling it for a very reasonable price, but contributors will get a free copy.

There is more info here

The really fun part of this project is that I’m working on this with my sister! It’s a Christmas cookbook, and some of you may remember me mentioning my sister before, Kris Lammers. She designs fabrics for Maywood and has illustrated Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks for years. You can be sure this will be a beautiful book and hopefully just the beginning of many.

If you’re interested, send your entry to me at editor AT cottonspice DOT com

Thank you !!!