Calico kitty

I can’t remember… How many kitties have I made now ??? :?? I know it has to be at least 10 lol. Well, here is the latest kitty I have made. It is for my best friend’s daughter’s 7th birthday. They are coming to visit me from Germany in a couple of weeks, so she’ll be getting her birthday gift a little early.

I have to tell you when Erika (my best bud) told me Lilly (her daughter) liked calico kitties, I moaned a little (I was hoping for an easy way out lol) but I think the kitty turned out ok.

Now, I’m just waiting on Erika’s WOTA to come so I can start on her clogs and felt them while she is here.

Very cute! She’ll love it. You did a wonderful job on the colors! :thumbsup:

:smiley: He/she is so cute!!! I love calico kitties, too…reminds me of my childhood when I had one with similar coloring :wink:

So adorable!

That kitty is too cute! My cat would have a fit if I made one and sat it on the back of the couch. That is her place to sit, sun and charm the birds outside!


I love it!! Adorable!! Its face makes me giggle (in a good way!) :rofling:

Lol! Felix (my kitty) did have a fit when I put the stuffed kitty on the back of the couch. He kept arching his back and moving his head around like he was gonna pounce on it. This is the only kitty I couldn’t get Felix to pose by :roflhard: too scared he was gonna attack it. :lol:

Soooo cute, just look at that tail!

Wow! So cute! I laughed too! :smiley:

Thats awesome! Do you have the pattern?

That is so cute! I love it. If you wouldn’t mind parting with the pattern I’d love it too :slight_smile: