i have these guys as one of my clients and i decided while i was talking to them today to see what they had for knitting calendars. i think i may have to get the first one for my desk at work! if it makes it that far before i tear it apart anyway…lol

knitting calendars

BREN…i tried to get on for this year, but everywhere sold out so quickly!! Grab it…I am going to order one myself!!

YES YES YES!! Thanks for the reminder, I just ordered mine too!! :cheering:

Oooh… how cool!!!

I think I’ll have to get me one of those :wink:

So buy two, one for yourself, and one for the desk at work :smiley:

I must order! [size=2]grabbing credit card[/size]

Ugh… Shipping to Aust alone is over twice the cost of the calendar… might just have to see if it’s released over here… :S