Calculating skeins needed!

Hi Everyone!

I’m new to the forum, new to knitting and hope you can help.

I became ill in May and have been bedridden since. While I unpatiently await healing, my sister-in-love decided to teach me to knit and I LOVE it…and it does help to pass the time.

My question is: If you are wanting to make an item, i.e. a simple baby blanket without a pattern, is there a way to calculate how much yarn you might need to make it?

Since I am forced to shop online, I cannot discuss with a clerk or look through patterns etc.

I know that the size needle, the yardage of the skein and size of the blanket are needed, but I cannot do a swatch and measure.

Thanks and apologies in advance if this is a crazy or no brainer question.


I would take a look at other patterns that are about the size you want to make and see how much yarn they suggest. You could order a little extra if you need to and if you have extra you can make the blanket larger or make a little hat or something to go with it. :wink:

Here’s a good place to start.
KPC - baby blankets

Welcome to the forum!!

That was extremely helpful. :notworthy: My intent was to just do straight stitching; however, I found a couple of patterns that I think I am capable of doing since I am a very green beginner!!

I’m sure this forum is going to be extremely helpful to my learning process!

Also, if you have a little bit of yarn left over you could keep it, and when you have enough you could make a “scrapgan”.

Just knit with leftover yarn til theres none left, and pick some more scrap yarn, and continue. Next thing you know, you’ve got a unique afghan made of scrap yarn, and Woala! a “scrapgan”

Thanks for the tip! I will definately share that with my “sister-in-love” as I’m certain she has saved any scraps of yarn…and me :oops: I would have tossed them because I am a horrible packrat and have promised my hubby to try and be less of a packrat (knowing he can’t fully take the pack rat outta me!).

:eyebrow: Now an excuse to be a yarn packrat…and make something new in the process!

Pen in Cali!

I come from a LONG line of pack rats. :teehee:

I learned the “scrapghan” thing from my parents. My dad’s grandma used to knit for the soldiers in WWII when the Red Cross would give people yarn, and they would knit gloves, scarves, hats, etc. There was always left over scraps, and since people in that day and age never threw anything away, the “scrapghan” grew.