Calculating formula

I am pear shaped which is a problem as my shoulders are always too big because of the size I need for the hips. So, I need to adapt patterns. My questions are 1.How would I calculate how many stitches I need to cast on for a sweater as an example, based on my hip measurements?
Also, is there a way of calculating when I should decrease to go back to the correct measurement for my shoulder?
Please help!

If you’re doing something like a top down raglan sweater it would be pretty easy. All you’d have to do is increase from under the arms or wait till it’s the measurement you want or it fits the way you like. I know of someone who has increased in other types of sweaters so I’ll send her a message.

Let us know if you have a specific sweater or type of sweater in mind.

I have knit gussets to add width through the hips.

I cast on the size that fits my shoulders. After the sweater is all knit, I clip the sweater together to see how much room I need thru my hips. Then I knit up some gussets. Seam them inbetween the side edges of the sweater.

Click my links to view 3 sweaters that needed gussets. Works perfect every time!