Calculating buttonhole spacing

Hi everyone… I am a new member here tonight. Perhaps someone could help me with a question. Would anyone know of a site that explains or any tips on how to calculate spacing for buttonholes on a knitted cardigan? I have tried several times and get it wrong and always discover it is wrong when it is too late to do anything about it… please, any help is really really appreciated.


Myra :??

I haven’t seen a tutorial on that, but it seems like a good gauge swatch would help with the calculation. The closer you can come to what the # of rows per inch will be the closer you could estimate the button holes.

Or you can just look at a sweater whose buttons are as far apart as you’d like them to be, then divide your expected length by the number of holes you’ll want.

I’m not sure where I saw this, but you take a piece of 1" elastic that’s longer than your sweater front, mark with a marker every 1" or so, then stretch this down the front of your sweater to mark the place for the buttonholes. It looked really easy.