Caking yarn

I’m not sure if I’m missing something, I have a yarn winder and I’m in the process of caking all the second hand yarn I bought a couple of months ago as the balls were falling apart, only now all my cakes are also falling apart!! :slight_frown: Any tips or tricks which will help me?

Are you knitting with them when they fall apart? Are you pulling from the inside? There’s really no help for that because you are taking the yarn from the center so they collapse. Using the outside yarn will help keep the ball/cake intact.

I’m knitting from the inside and the outside falls apart so I have big loops of yarn coming from the ball. I’ve never used a winder before so wondered if there was a trick to it!

I don’t even own a winder. I do them by hand if I need to. I don’t think there’s any trick because the skeins can do the same thing when I get them wound at the yarn store. What I do sometimes is take the loose end from the outside and kind of “tie” it to a few pieces of yarn. Not too tight because you will eventually have to undo it to either rewind the ball or use the yarn.

BTW when I do use the yarn from the inside I often rewind the cake so it sits nicely again. I’ll find a picture of one of my hand wound cakes and post it in a minute.

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Okay, here’s my hand made yarn cake. It’s flat on the bottom. I tied the yarn on the side so if I was going to draw from the inside yarn it won’t come undone till the whole thing starts to collapse.


Thank you! Fancy giving me a hand?


I don’t bother to tie, just pull it under a few with a hook. It tends to stay on all by the most forgotten of projects. By the time it’s falling from the end coming out it’s falling apart anyway.

Glad you don’t have a winder, I just got hanks and was wondering if it was needed.

I wrap once around the outside with painter’s tape, kind of tightly

. Seems to work pretty well.

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Haha! I don’t usually wind skeins till they are falling apart. I just wind the hanks…or better yet have the yarn store do them since I only buy yarn there. :slight_smile:

I usually have the hanks wound at the yarn store when I buy them, but have occasionally done it myself. Not easy to do, but possible. And yes, sometimes just slipping the yarn under will work I’m just making sure. :wink:

You know I just remembered something a couple friends in knitting group do…they have an inexpensive plastic container they put the yarn cake in. Cut a nice smooth hole in the top to pull the yarn through from the center of the cake and it can’t come undone from the outside. Pretty much anything can be used…decorate it, too!


I’ve done 4 by hand, 2 laying over my knees, 2 over a shop-vac. I’m considering making some kind of swift.

I usually have my husband hold it. :joy:

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After caking my yarn, I put a baby alligator clip on the end. I also put it in a panty hose sock with the center pull sticking out. Then I give it a twist and fold down the top of the panty hose sock.