I was on a discussion board & they were using “cake” like crazy. It sounded like it was the finished wound up ball of yarn. What exactly is cake?
Thank you for your replies! :grphug:

A “yarn cake” is yarn that has been wound up on a ball winder. It ends up being cylindrical like a cake.


I wind my yarn by hand, but I try to make it somewhat cake like so it doesn’t roll all over the place.

My center pull balls always look like cakes and I love that they don’t roll all over! I learned from Amy’s instructions here in KH. The sample she’s showing is nothing like what mine are. Mine are like the pictures from the previous post.

MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm,…cake.:balloons: I love cake.

I know this isn’t knitting related but, I’m hungry and there’s no junk food in my house. Hahahaha