Cake Mistakes

Several weeks ago, someone posted a blog with ridiculous cakes. I should have bookmarked it but did not. Can you please re-post it?


It wasn’t me but I bookmarked it!


Thanks for the link. DD is leaving soon for culinary school to study baking & pastry arts. Must forward it to her.

Ah, cakewrecks, one of my favorite websites! :slight_smile:

I bookmarked it now and it is hilarious!!! :roflhard: My dad sent me a jpeg of a cake that was a cake wreck candidate so I wanted to send him the link to cake wrecks.

Thanks, all.


I posted the original thread and had forgot all about that site after I posted it. I just revisisted it and there’s a whole bunch more on there now. The kermit/watermelon one had me laughing. That and the olympic rings one.

Ah…that was a good laugh!

I love cake wrecks. And Jen is super nice. I sent in the pic of Kristen Chenowiths olives.

i love that site. it has me in tears laughing somtimes

not seen that before, there great. good laugh :woot:

OMIGOD that had me in hysterics!!! Who in their right mind would have a life size cake made of themselves at their wedding? can you say bridezilla!! How much would that cost??? LOL but james the bond cake was just awesome though.

They sell that busty boobs cake in England too :teehee:

Stitchwitch, thank you so much for the original posting. Cakewrecks has become one of my favorite websites - I look at it every day. I especially enjoyed yesterday’s Tom Selleck cake. :teehee: :rofl:

Today they had dogs on cakes. I felt bad enough eating the head off a choc bunny but to lop off a dog’s head and eat it? No thanks!