Cactus plant

Does anybody know the name of this plant? I got it from BIL and he just calls it Hawaiian cactus.I can’t find anything under that name. It is so funny looking with these big beautiful flowers on such a little plant. I now have a second bloom,the other one died.

My first thought is a thanksgiving or christmas cactus. My mom had one that when it bloomed there may have been at least 50 blooms on it! It was beautiful, and yes she has a green hand! This may help

Not that because I have one of those.Guess I should say the bloom will fill up my hand,so it’s BIG

I think it might be an Epiphyllum. They are tropical. The description in my book says, "they are known for their large showy blooms. Species blooms are white, and the hybridized varieties range through red, yellow, orange and pink.
I found this site that has some pictures

That is a really pretty plant and it looks like it is doing well.

That’s it :woohoo::woot:
Thank you Angel