Cactus by DROPS Design


Hi Everyone: It’s been a while since I have had any time to knit, and let’s just say a bit rusty. I would like to make this hat for my nephew, and before I begin I want to understand the entire pattern. I understand the chart and what to do, but when it comes to the second part the decrease section I am a bit confused. Here is what I understand: K 1 round. Then 4 rounds of the rib (= K 2/P 2). Then the chart which is Round 1: K2, P2 - repeat to end of round, Round 2: K3, P1 - repeat to end of round, Round 3: K2, P2 - repeat to end of round, Round 4: K3, P1 - repeat to end of the round. Then from here, I am somewhat confused. Here is the rest of it that I need some assistance with;

When piece measures 18-20 cm / 7"-8’’ – adjust so that last round is a round with K 2/P 2 - on next round P tog every 3rd and 4th st in diagram M.1 = 66-72 sts.
Work 2 rounds with K 2/P 1 pattern (alternately K and P upwards). On next round, K all 2 K sts tog to 1 K st = 44-48 sts.
Work 2 rounds with K 1/P 1 pattern.
Then K2 tog around = 22-24 sts.
K 1 round, then on next round K2 tog around again = 11-12 sts remain on needle.
Pull the yarn through all sts, tighten tog and fasten.
The hat measures approx. 22-24 cm


Cute hat!
For the decreases start by purling all the purl2 sts tog. Then work a round of k2p1 followed by a round of k2 k1 (knit all sts). On the next round work k2tog, p1 around. Continue with k1,p1 on the next 2rounds.


Thank You: I am going to write it out so it all makes sense. I will post once completed along with last years hat & scarf that I forgot to post picture of that you also helped me with. Appreciate such fast reply!


Nice pattern; I’d not seen it before, and will have to download it. DROPS patterns can be a bit tricky, but you find such lovely designs there. Good luck on your project, and thanks for posting the link.


Yes there patterns can be quite confusing, but I love so many of there patterns. I did finish the hat yesterday and may make a few more as they are quite nice. I am on to the next challenge of this cute baby blanket that I purchased on Etsy, I just went over the notes and am super excited to get started. Here is a picCute%20


Glad the hat worked out! We’d love to see a photo.
That blanket pattern is so sweet. Enjoy working ir.