i just started my first cable project and even though I’ve watched the tutorials (I understand the concept) how come I’m only ending up with one rope effect instead of 2? I 've alternated the cable stitches from front to backbut still it looks like one rope- not 2 intertwining- what am I doing wrong?:knitting:

Any chance you can post a photo?

How many stitches are you working with for the cable? Usually it’s at least 4 (2 crossing over 2) with purl stitches on either side to make the cable stand out more.

What directions are you following?

It may depend on the kind of cable, so the answers to Jan’s questions and a picture would help. Have you continued to knit several rows past the cable? It just looks like a fold until you do.

I’m just using 3 stitches for cable and not following a specific pattern. My cable is every 5th row( I’m just making it according to a video I saw online.) Its a wrap just with garter stitch and has a small cable in the middle. I knit several rows (did the cable about 4 times) but I still didnt get the intended results AHHH!!!

Most often you see cables done in stockinette st and set off by reverse stockinette on either side. If you’re doing this in garter st with only a 3 st cable, it may be difficult to pick out the cable against the background. Try doing it on some scrap yarn with 3 sts reverse stockinette st, 4sts stockinette and 3 sts rev st st. Do the cable on the 4 stockinette sts and I think you’ll see the cable twist.

One other thing. usually the cable is made by putting sts on the cable needle and holding to the front each time you do the twist row. Or you can hold the sts on the cable needle to the back each time you do the twist over the length of the cable. Don’t mix holding to the front with holding to the back. That makes a rather unconvential cable which may not be what you want.

Sometimes it helps to look at different tutorials…sometimes the way a different person describes it will make it click.

I finally figured out the cable thing BUT… I want my cable to look like a braid in the center- so what do I need to do to make that happen?
(I’m making a wrap that has a keyhole - (I’m modifying a bow-knot scarf and adding a cable- I have 46 stitches and so far my cable is a right twist only)
Thanks for all the cable help- I’m so happy I understand now- but I have some really messy edges- If I crochet the edge will it cover that?):knitting:

Here’s a pattern for a braid which is just a variation on the basic cable that you’re learned. You could crochet around the edge which would give you a lovely finish or you could slip the first st in each row. That will give you a chain running up the edges which looks neater than the usual edge.

A braided cable will involve 6 sts, moving 2 sts to the front and 2 to the back. The link posted above is a very good one.