If I want to use the same pattern eg. hooded cabled cardigan, but without cabling, just using the style, do I need the same amount of yarn. In other words, does cabling use more yarn?

I’ve only done one cabling project (it’s half finished because it takes forever), but I believe that it does use more yarn than just using garter stitch, for example. Simply because you have to twist the cable, so it condenses the project a little bit. To be on the safe side, though, I suggest using the amount of yarn the pattern says to use. :slight_smile:

I agree. Cabling would use more, but not likely an entire skein more.

Thanks guys. I thought I might stick with the said amount. Being new I hope to be able to solve more problems with my knitting, am looking forward to using the forum more!

Cables use more yarn because they pull in your knitting and the same number of stitches is less wide than in stockinette. So try out your yarn and needles and see how many sts you get with them, you may need to also make a smaller size of the pattern.