hi folks,
i’m a beginner knitter and i’m thinking of trying my first cabling project. i’ve got this really pretty yarn that’s pink/red/brown/cream and looks good enough to eat (no wonder it’s called “cherry chip”). anyway, i’m wondering if it would be better for me to use a solid colored yarn instead of this multi-colored stuff? i figured you’d be able to see the cable pattern better with a solid color. thoughts?

Hi. Personally I like solid colors for cabling because the cables stick out more but you could try a swatch and see how it looks. Cindy:knitting:

In general that’s true, but you can only know for sure by trying it.

I made an Irish Hiking Scarf out of Caron Simply Soft Shadows, which has multiple colors in it and the cables look just fine.

Ditto what Mason said. You really do have to try it. I most always perfer cables to be solid color or at least mostly solid.

That said, I just finished Silver’s reversible cable hat & scarf and used the same yarn she did - Patons SWS. The color changed approx at the same rows that the cable is worked - looks rite nice!

go solid multi looks to busy

I opt for solids. You want the cable to make the statement.


thanks for your input guys! i think i will go for a nice bright, eye-catching solid. :muah:

ps this site is AMAZING!!

caturday17, I did a search on this site for info about varigated cables and found a pretty long discussion about the subject that you might like to read. There are also some pictures of cables done with multicolors there. Check it out.

Hmmm, at first I would have agreed 100% that cables should be done in a solid color at best a subtly heathered yarn, but some of those projects look yummy. I think that part of the appeal is in the long color change yarn, you get the cable pattern pop of a solid color in different color sections, neat.

I just finished a scarf in Caron Simply Soft Teal Heather and loved the depth of color and ease for cabling, it was a practice piece and $6.00 worth of yarn for a super long scarf seemed like a bargain.

I like those muted heather colors, very pretty.

Hey! You know, I actually just finished some armwarmers that have cables on them with a varigated yarn, and I love the way they look. There’s a picture of them in finished projects- just click the link below. If you like the way they look, I’d go for the multi!