Cabling without a cable needle

Okay, I realize there is a video on this site, but I am a little confused. Maybe that’s because it’s 4 AM and I should go to bed instead of working on this hat…

Koolhaasby Jared Flood. It’s a cabled hat. I’ve done cables with a cable needle before, but not without.

I have a part that says: slip 1 stitch onto the cable needle and hold in front. p1, then knit one into the back loop off the cable needle. Then there is a corresponding instruction with the needle in the back.

It SEEMS to me, in my fuzzy sleep deprived state, that to get that cable done correctly without a cable needle, that you would grab the second stitch [B]from the back[/B], slip off the first stitch, put the first stitch back on, then the second stitch (from the back). Then p1, then k1tbl. Is that right? It sounds like in Amy’s video she is grabbing from the front for an instruction that has you holding the cable needle in front, but that doesn’t sound right or seem to work with my pattern.

Am I nuts? :eyes:

OK, nevermind. I watched that video twice before posting. Then I watched it one more time. Hmm, Amy says the cable she is doing would have had the cable needle in front, and she reaches behind for the stitches.

AAAA, how did I not see that before. I’m a dummy. :chair:

You’re not a dummy, just sleep deprived. Go catch up on some this weekend…