Cabling terminology

I am doing another cabling project and have not yet run across this:

2/1 RPC 2 to cn, hold inback, k2, p1 from cn

My question is what to do with the other stitch on the cn? Is this an error? (it is in Knitting On The Edge).

I’ve heard that there are mistakes in that book.

I did find this, though.

BPC back purl cross Slip 1 purl st to cable needle, hold in back, knit 2, then purl 1 from cable needle.

FPC front purl cross Slip 2 knit stitches to a cable needle, hold in front, purl l, then knit 2 from the cable needle.

Have you checked for errata on the book?

[color=violet]Ingrid, would you happen to know where one would go to find corrections made to the book? I know I ran across some somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot find them again.


I would check to see if the publisher has a www listed somewhere in the book and try there first.

Or if that doesn’t work, maybe Google.

I DO remember a site that had lots of errata listed, but for the life of me I can’t remember where or if they had corrections for all patterns. I’ll have to go through my bookmarks.

Somebody else might have an idea, though.

This has corrections from her first book, but I know some of the patterns from this are in Knitting on the Edge.

Another thing you can try is to look for the same stitch listed in a different pattern in the book and see how it’s explained there.