Cabling question

Hi there,

I’m doing my first cabling project (hat) and I have a beginner cable question. When the pattern reads C6F … does that mean I slip 6 stitches on the cable needle and let them hang at the front of the work?

Thank you!

Nope, slip three to the front, the 6 refers to the entire width of the cable.

Ahhh hah! Thank you so much. I just watched the cable video on this site and if I had not, I would have slipped 6 on the needle without asking you!

This is the best site …

Thanks again,

Isn’t it though?? I swear, if it were not for this site, I’d still be working on that first scarf, going :??


HAHA … so to pick your brain a bit further … what kind of cast row is the best for ribbing … my pattern calls for a K1, p2 rib as the first row after the cast on row and I seem to have big loops at the bottom … :thinking:

I always use long tail without a problem.

Me too…unless a pattern tells me specifically to do another kind of cast on, I use long-tail.